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UNLV Volleyball
UNLV Volleyball
UNLV Volleyball Camps
Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need to complete prior to coming to camp?
You will need to complete three things prior to your child arriving at camp:
1. PAYMENT: you can pay online through this website or use the Brochure/Mail-in (coming soon for 2013 camps) form to send payment in.
2. MEDICAL WAIVER* - fill out and SIGN the medical waiver and mail, email, or fax it in (contact information below).
3. INSURANCE FORM* - all campers must have insurance. The Medical Waiver form has a field for your insurance.
*Both the medical waiver and the insurance form will be emailed to you in a welcome letter, which you'll receive after completing the registration process.

UNLV Volleyball Camps
4505 S Maryland Pkwy, Box 450028
Las Vegas, NV 89154-0028
702-895-1993 (fax)

What should we bring to camp?
If it's a day camp bring the items you normally would need when you play like shoes, shorts, shirts, knee pads, water bottle, towel and any other items you want. For overnight camps you may also want to bring your own linens, pillow (these are both provided but you may want your own), toiletries, and any other personal items you would normally bring on an overnight trip. No running shoes or tank tops, please.

What is the refund policy?

UNLV Volleyball Refund Policy:

Summer Camps
We understand that making summer plans several months ahead of time is difficult. If you need to withdraw from camp please be aware that cancellation fees will be applied as follows:

You will receive a full refund if you cancel before June 1st.

If you cancel on or after June 1st a $100.00 non-refundable deposit will be taken.

NO REFUNDS will be given after July 1st or seven (7) days prior to the start of your camp without a signed Doctor’s note.

NO REFUNDS (for any reason)

  • On or after the start date of you camp.
  • Voluntary withdrawal from camp for any reason.
  • Withdrawal from camp for disciplinary reasons.
  • No Show.

All Other Clinics (Winter Clinics, etc)

Full refund will be given if cancelled more than 30 days prior to the camp/clinic date

A 50% refund will be given from 30 - 8 days prior to the clinic date

NO REFUNDS will be given seven (7) days prior to the start of your clinic.

NO REFUNDS (for any reason)

  • On or after the start date of you camp.
  • Voluntary withdrawal from camp for any reason.
  • Withdrawal from camp for disciplinary reasons.
  • No Show.

How do I request a refund?
To request a refund: Please submit in writing via email ( - please send as an attachment).

Please include the following:

  • Campers Name
  • Parent name and full mailing address
  • Reason for refund request

This ensures that an electronic time stamp is placed with the request.   
All refunds will be remitted by check.
Monies should be received 2-3 weeks after the request is submitted.

Where do I park?
The only FREE/Non-Permit parking is in the lot next to the Eller Media Softball Stadium. All other lots on campus require permits on weekdays and you will be ticketed. Parking will be allowed in designated areas with parking permit that may be purchased at check in.

When should we check-in?
30 minutes prior for position camps and 1 hour prior before all other camps.

What's the difference between the All Skills Camp and the All Skills Day Camp?

The All Skills Camp is longer (23 hours), includes evening sessions and the option for campers to stay overnight in the residence halls and eat in the dining hall. The All Skills Day Camp is a little shorter (18 hours) and does not include evening sessions. Otherwise, the content is very similar.

Can boys attend UNLV Volleyball Camps?
Yes! Our camps are all COED.

What about food?
During camps, ONLY OVERNIGHT CAMPERS (staying in the residence halls; All Skills Camp only) will be provided with all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) that fall between the beginning and end of camp. Commuting campers (not staying in the residence halls) for that and all other camps will be responsible for their own food. Campers may bring food from home or there will be food available for purchase on campus.

Whats for lunch?
UNLV Volleyball camps is happy to include a box lunch in our Junior High, All Skills Day Camp, Outside Hitter, Setter, Middles and Libero Camps. Firehouse Subs will provide a box lunch including a sandwich, chips & a cookie! Be sure to fill out your lunch order on your registration form! Choices include White or Wheat bread and eithe Ham, Turkey or Roast Beef.